The Book of Sequences

If you've fallen into the common trap of playing "scales" as your "guitar solos," in this book ShredMentor Jason Aaron Wood will show you how to compose interesting, melodic, impressively complex, memorable and expressive solos by using the same basic tools that composers have used for centuries.


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Have you ever thought to yourself, “There should be a WORD for that!”? Author Jason Aaron Wood sure has, a few hundred times. In fact, he just makes them up and even starts using some of them like they’re real. After all, they might as well be. And in a way, now they are real. Sort of.


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Emanations (CD)

Jason's first album written exclusively on 8-string guitar, Emanations is also his darkest and most powerful album yet. (Features 2 instrumental bonus tracks.)

"I must say I have listened many times and yet having hard time to describe this beauty, the man is giving us a pure album that deserve a wide audience. A one man instrumentalist releasing an album as good as a full band!!! I’m speechless it’s such perfect, horns up for Jason 100/100." 

The Metal Mag

"The 8-string guitar is phenomenal! And Jason's voice and amazing guitar work go hand in hand. This album is raw. It is loud. It is in your face! The melodic lyrics, the deep growls, and mind blowing guitar solos are a perfect balance....As for me, I am inspired to listen to Jason's previous works, and own Emanations when it is released."

Deanna Revis at Autoeroticasphyxium Zine

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Reflections (CD Digipak)

Jason's debut solo album, featuring 9 tracks of instrumental acoustic elegance, drawing inspiration from flamenco, classical, and a touch of gypsy jazz.

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Zach Moonshine of Brutal Death Fuck wearing his Ol Sonuf shirt!

Ol Sonuf Logo Men's T-Shirt

Featuring a white Ol Sonuf logo on black fabric, these t-shirts are super-comfortable and durable; Jason has been wearing his for over a decade with no fading or cracking of the print. Available in S, M, L and XL.

(Pictured: Zach Moonshine of Brutal Death Fuck & creator of Metal Devastation Radio proudly wearing his Ol Sonuf shirt.)

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