The Ultimate Guitar Training, On Your Terms

  • Too busy to commit regularly to guitar lessons, but still want to improve as fast as possible?
  • Are ongoing lessons beyond what you can afford right now?
  • Do you want the flexibility to learn at your own pace, in a format you can refer back to whenever you need to?

Introducing ShredMentor Online Training

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Targeted ShredMentor Training, at Your Own Pace

Get the best of ShredMentor's training in the subjects you need help with, and start seeing the results you want from your practice time. 

Course topics include:

  • Speed Training
  • Mastering Sweep Picking & Sweep Arpeggios
  • Rapid Songwriting & Recording
  • Fluid Alternate Picking
  • Riff Writing
  • Soloing & Composition

And many more to come!

Jason Aaron Wood

I believe that anyone can develop their playing all the way to the level of a virtuoso, IF

  • You're really serious about your guitar playing and truly driven to do what you have to do to get as good as you possibly can
  • You know what actually works, and you're willing to consistently work hard - but first learn how to work smart, and
  • Have the sense to seek out, listen to, and learn from the experience and mistakes of someone who's already achieved the level of playing where you want to be instead of stubbornly insisting on reinventing the wheel

And, while it might seem crazy, if that's what you want to achieve, I see it as my mission to help you achieve it as quickly as possible, and steer you clear of the multitude of ineffective, low-yield nonsense that most people regurgitate about what you're "supposed" to do. 

I'm going to show you what works, and then I'm going to show you how to adapt it however you like to make it work for you.

No Matter Your Situation, There's a ShredMentor Solution to Meet Your Specific Needs.

ShredMentor Training is about making a measurable, clear difference in your playing right away, not in some vague, far-off future setting, whether you're looking to:

  • Improve your soloing and/or solo writing
  • Write better, more memorable songs and melodies with rich, emotional harmonies
  • Get a push in the right direction and make sure your practice routine is optimized to get the maximum possible results in the shortest possible time based on your specific goals
  • Develop a massive musical vocabulary that's easily adaptable to any real-life situation
  • Develop impeccable technique and systematically reach unbelievable speeds
  • Find a way to get the benefit of personal lessons even if attending regular lessons doesn't currently fit into your schedule and/or budget

Let's face it - the "one-size-fits-all" approach to lessons doesn't really fit anyone. 

ShredMentor training programs are guitar & music lessons, evolved & customized to YOU. 

There's no rigid curriculum. Instead, this is high-level problem solving, pinpointing the source of the problems you're having in your playing, your musical knowledge, and your ability to APPLY it all musically and giving you exactly what you need to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from playing the way you want to play - and quickly.

The traditional "guitar lessons" model is obsolete. Teaching impersonal cookie-cutter lessons, spread-thin over too many weeks and months, is a disservice to genuinely aspiring, motivated musicians.  

Let's be completely honest: No one WANTS to become just OKAY at playing the guitar.

You want to get really good, and I'm going to help you make that happen, and I'm going to set you up to succeed by giving you the right tools for the job right from the start.

The Ultimate Guitar Practice Tools

Guitar Practice Tools

Put away all the scale diagram books, the metronome, and all of those randomly-scattered backing tracks. 

ShredMentor's Guitar Practice Tools Suite puts everything right where you need it in one easy-to-navigate, sortable interface, with your choice of backing tracks, drum beats, or reference drones -- which stay put in the sidebar as you scroll through the visual references.

Now you can practice -- and APPLY -- whatever you want, anytime, from anywhere you have an internet connection!

You'll get 24/7 access to a growing library of fretboard diagrams & backing tracks, PLUS:

  • Virtually infinite picking combinations, with a random picking pattern generator so your picking technique systematically becomes impeccable and you can do more on auto-pilot
  • An extensive directory of chord/arpeggio interval formulas so you can experiment with focus as you create new, powerful licks and riffs full of character
  • The extremely powerful Practice Randomizer Tool, which will challenge your fretboard knowledge and composition skills on a whole new level and rapidly expand your vocabulary
  • A handy directory of the chords in every single key so you can quickly create new chord progressions
  • And most importantly - Your own personal TO-DO list so you stay on track with your practice and get results faster

Best of all - it's FREE for the first 7 days!

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Your Guitar Practice Tools membership uses PayPal Subscriptions to manage your membership payments and your access to content. 

At setup, you will be guided through the process to create a free user account on in order to access your Guitar Practice Tools and personalize your settings. After 7 days, your PayPal account will automatically be charged on a recurring basis, either $10 USD monthly or $80 USD annually (depending on which button you choose above), unless you cancel your membership before that date, in which case you will not be charged and your access to Guitar Practice Tools will end.

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