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Jason Aaron Wood

The Last Guitar Lessons You'll Ever Need.


"With Jason, having fun and being inspired by music come first. He has a way of simplifying very complicated tasks that make them seem achievable. He shows you that music doesn't have to be intimidating. He inspires you to inspire yourself." Joshua Walker

  • Are you frustrated or confused about how and what to practice, in order to actually play better?  
  • Have you hit a roadblock in your playing, and keep struggling to figure out what you should be doing next?  
  • Do you keep feeling insecure about your guitar riffs or solos sounding amateurish, and wish you could play like a professional - like your favorite guitarists?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're in the right place!

"Jason is a phenomenal guitarist with a great approach to teaching along with awesome communication skills that are imperative to becoming the guitarist that you want to be. Jason is also an awesome person in general. He takes his job very seriously and although he is a bad ass guitarist he doesn't have an ego or act like he is above his students. His teaching enviroment is comfortable but no nonsense at the same time because he genuinely cares to see his students get to where they want to be as a guitarist." Michael Quillen Guitarist of Anti Life Equation

The most comprehensive guitar training in the world.

Whereas most guitar lessons start and end at merely "showing you stuff" (with 99% of that stuff being the same thing they show everyone who comes in their door), ShredMentor training starts with YOU:

  • What are your goals for your actual playing skill, for playing live, and creatively?
  • What do you want to be able to do on the instrument in the future?
  • What style(s) inspire you and make you not only want to play, but make it hard for you to want to put the guitar down? What style(s) define how YOU want to play?
  • Which other instruments have you played before, if any?
  • What are you struggling with right now?
  • How can the way you practice be improved to make it more efficient and effective?

Without getting to the core of all of these factors and really getting to know how YOU want to play, no amount of "guitar lessons" can really help you!

Specializing in Metal.

The search for Metal Guitar Lessons from a Metal Guitar Teacher is finally over.

From Hard Rock to the most brutal Extreme Metal, ShredMentor guitar lessons are the top choice when you want to learn to play METAL.  

As a long-time metalhead with over 2 decades of playing metal, instructor Jason Aaron Wood (Todesbonden, Ol Sonuf) is well-versed in all metal styles and plays metal for a living.  

Unlike so many lessons that claim to teach "all styles" yet fall short when it comes to truly understanding & appreciating the aesthetics of METAL, you'll learn the ins and outs of metal guitar playing from a professional one-man metal band with a PASSION for teaching Metal.

"With these lessons, things are explained and I find myself capable of new things soon after they are taught to me. I can now do sweep arpeggios, I've written a couple of solos now, and I am much more fluid with alternate picking and capable of playing faster and more complicated things. If you want to play like your favorite guitarist, Jason can teach you how to play any way you want. These lessons make sense and will make you better. And more importantly, you will be playing and learning to play metal." Brandon M.

No More Wasted Practice Time.

Everything you learn in your ShredMentor guitar training is presented with immediate real-life musical application in mind.

There is nothing that finger exercises achieve that can't also be accomplished using specific musical concepts that you can actually use in your own songs, riffs, and solos.  

Everything you play from now on will have practical value and not only drive forward your development, but will also grow your playing vocabulary.  

You'll even learn what's at the core of an exercise and what makes it musically useful, so you can make your own exercises that ultimately become parts of your songs, riffs & solos, and always keep things fresh, new, exciting and FUN in your practice routine.

"The more I learn from Jason, the more I want to continue learning. It's been really exciting to build my chops and learn what goes into making the music that I love and music in general. Before I started I figured that the lessons would be more standardized or rigid. Before I even started my first lesson, Jason had me answer questions to help him create a musical "profile" for me to create a plan of attack to suit my goals." Benjamin Schneider

100% Personalized to Your Goals.

Learn what YOU need to push the boundaries of YOUR playing so you can start experiencing RESULTS.

There is no single lesson plan that will work for everyone. One-size-fits-all lessons rarely get anyone very far. That's why at ShredMentor, the lessons are based on YOU:  

  • Your specific playing goals  
  • The way you learn best  
  • Your current strengths  
  • Overcoming your current challenges
  • The most direct path to playing the way you want to play

You simply can't get that from a method book or generic "guitar lessons" where covering the material takes priority over helping you play better ASAP. 

Matt Gordon

"Before taking lessons with Jason, I had already been seriously playing guitar for a decade. I learned a lot along the way and played in bands before, but I still wanted to refine and perfect my technique. Within about 2-3 months, I was actually playing all the technically demanding riffs that motivated me seek out Jason in the first place. The reason is that Jason breaks down the difficult sweeps, picking and legato riffs so that you can practice it methodically. When a teacher has a system that shows you how to practice guitar, the element of "talent" is eliminated. By this, I mean that everyone can learn to play like this regardless of any perceived natural ability. But even more important, the practice exercises are musical and fun. I had an immediate revived motivation to practice. Things started to click and new ideas presented themselves based on my lessons. The techniques I learned were really just a spring board for creating my own riffs and finding my own style. My visualization of the fret board expanded, my improvisation skills improved, and my musical vocabulary exploded. Learning to play guitar starts with your mind, not your fingers. As Jason told me before, "Difficulty is just unfamiliarity". Once you realize this, what used to be "impossible" is now just a hurdle that can be overcome." Matthew Gordon

Write & Improvise Great Guitar Solos On the Spot.

Master the entire guitar fretboard while developing a massive soloing vocabulary at the same time.

Everything you practice will prepare you for playing actual music. You'll know exactly what to play to compliment any style you want, in any situation, in a way that lets your playing SHINE. 

  • Write shred-tastic solos & build amazing speed 
  • Master the secrets of phrasing so that your playing exudes powerful emotion
  • Learn to be able to visually "see" the patterns on your fretboard to make any kind of sound you want, any time
  • Know instinctively which notes to play at which times, so that your melodies seem "channeled from beyond" and almost "meant to be"
  • Learn several powerful methods that allow you to create infinite variations of any idea on the spot, so you can adapt parts of your vocabulary to any situation

"After just a few months of lessons, honestly it's already made a difference in how I look at solo writing." Bobby Tufino Guitarist of Hypgnostic

"Jason gives top notch lessons. Whether you are looking to improve on theory or speed training, he provides you with all the tools to take your playing the next level. His ShredMentor website is also a huge resource to supplement the lessons. Materials from classes are posted online as well as backing tracks to put your exercises into musical context. Above all though, I think the thing that sets Jason apart is that he genuinely cares about his students and their playing. With Jason you don't just get a teacher, you truly get a mentor." Ray Lamb

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